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In own words: I am a cheerful, optimistic woman. I like nature and animals. I also like to make coziness at home. I like to spend time at my dacha

Seeks Partner: He is educated, decent, purposeful man of athletic build.

Year of a birth 1960 | : 1215 | : 0 |  Дата: 14.12.2009

In own words: I am an energetic, optimistic, loyal, purposeful woman and a good housewife. I want to live a long life in a big friendly family!

Seeks Partner: He is intelligent, strong, optimistic. He may have children.

Year of a birth 1963 | : 1092 | : 0 |  Дата: 11.12.2009

In own words: I am energetic, loyal, devoted to everything I do. I value family very much. I like traveling, receiving friends and guests, offering them something tasty cooked by myself

Seeks Partner: He is educated, purposeful, successful. European. he is also loyal, honest, tender.

Year of a birth 1961 | : 836 | : 0 |  Дата: 19.11.2009

In own words: I am a very calm woman who hates conflicts. my hobbies are foreign languages, garden and cars

Seeks Partner: He is an intelligent man, kind and generous

Year of a birth 1964 | : 1207 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

In own words: I am an even-tempered woman. I like traveling, nature, visiting museums, exhibitions, reading, planting, going to the theatre and concerts. I live apart from my kids. That's why I am tired of loneliness and ready for a brand new start in my life.

Seeks Partner: A European man. it is a man able to deep feelings, responsible.

Year of a birth 1963 | : 1665 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

In own words: I am a calm, wise, energetic woman. I like traveling. I value good sense of humour and comfort both in a house and in a soul.

Seeks Partner: He is a European of Christian religion. He is honest in relationship, intelligent in any situation, frank, tender, careful with a good sense of humour.

Year of a birth 1964 | : 1159 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

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