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In own words: I lead an active lifestyle. My hobbies are fitness, sport, ballet dance, ski. I take part in ski amateur competitions.

Seeks Partner: He is intelligent, educated, Christian.

Year of a birth 1970 | : 2933 | : 0 |  Дата: 16.12.2009

In own words: I am energetic, like acrive rest: sport, swimming. I like to be in the nature.

Seeks Partner: He is sociable, cheerful, reasonable, family-oriented, decent respecting himself and other people.

Year of a birth 1974 | : 770 | : 0 |  Дата: 25.11.2009

In own words: I am calm, even-tempered, kind. I like home coziness. I prefer active rest and love traveling.

Seeks Partner: He is intelligent, kind, loyal, faithful, handsome. He has athletic build.

Year of a birth 1974 | : 1364 | : 0 |  Дата: 19.11.2009

In own words: I am very sociable. I like to bring happiness to people that surround me. I value honesty, just, punctuality. Phantasy and art are my calling.

Seeks Partner: He is a real man in all meanings of this word. I don't care about his status. More important is that he should meet my requirements.

Year of a birth 1974 | : 1000 | : 0 |  Дата: 13.11.2009

In own words: I'm a cheerful, tender, careful, feminine person with a good sense of humor. I like to relax, to have a picnic, to cook something tasty, to listen to the music, to read, to travel and have a good time with my friends.

Seeks Partner: He must be reliable, steady with a good sense of humor, all-sufficient and easy-going. 

Year of a birth 1973 | : 1214 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

In own words: I'm a dynamic personality, I do not like to loaf, that's why I try to enjoy my life. I have sophisticated modern tastes in everything. Every time I try something new for me and I take all the changes in my life and society with open eyes. By the way, I like to help people, to receive guests and to cook.

Seeks Partner: I'm not a selfish person, that's why I take people as they are. I do not create illusions for myself. So, he hasn't to be perfect, but he must aspire to the best. He has to be a real man - strong, handsome, self-reliant, easy-going and intelligent. He must be the one who'll make me to feel a real and beloved woman.

Year of a birth 1973 | : 1234 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

In own words: I am a purposeful, confident person. I respect people and want to be respected as well. I like sport, music, nature, family and active rest.

Seeks Partner: He is a respectful, educated, confident, caring man who wants to have a family and children.

Year of a birth 1971 | : 1144 | : 0 |  Дата: 02.11.2009

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